Ring set with Gloves B-PLUS

Rings Size
Size SHOWA 660

The set of rings for dry suits. No glue is applied to mount the rings, which makes the ring set reusable in multiple dry suits. Applying a few o-rings give you a guarantee of tight connection between the ring and dry suit cuff. The advantage of Checkup Dive Systems rings is that after attaching the ring to the dry suit, there is no need of getting rid of the wrist cuff. Therefore, diving without gloves or with wet gloves is also possible.

ATTENTION: The sizes of SHOWA 660 gloves do not include the thickness of warming gloves.

recommended size calculator:
SHOWA 660/660ESD L = hand S + warming gloves
SHOWA 660/660ESD XL = hand M + warming gloves
SHOWA 660 XXL = hand L + warming gloves

The set includes:

2x rings to be attached to the cuffs of the dry suit
2x rings for mounting the gloves
6x mounting o-rings
2x sealing o-rings
4x protective o-rings
1x sachet of silicone grease for maintenance of 0-ring seals
1x pair gloves - SHOWA 660ESD for size 9/L , 10/XL or SHOWA 660 fo size 11/XXL
1x pair gloves - Thinsu-Pro
1x instruction manual


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